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DJ SpinCycle

Deep, dark, dubby techno, house, and funk

Dj SpinCycle -Decades of crate-digging esoteric records from around the world meld with a love for global grooves and the club sounds of Detroit, Chicago, Berlin and beyond infusing his DJ sets with deep, dark, dubby techno, house, and funk. Always vinyl, always groovy!

DJ SPINCYCLE, is Amarrass Records's co-founder, music producer, recording engineer and radio jockey Ankur Malhotra. An avid musicologist, he explores, engages, and connects with musical traditions from around the world. Decades of crate-digging esoteric records from around the world meld with a love for global grooves and the club sounds of Detroit, Chicago, Berlin and beyond infusing his DJ sets with deep, dark, dubby techno, house, and funk. Always vinyl, always groovy! Featuring two turntables and a mixer, delicious wax and layers of sound - music to make you dance.

Ankur's first forays behind the decks began in the early 2000's, also when he adopted the moniker 'DJ Spincycle' for his popular New Year's Eve parties. DJ Spincycle has since performed at various clubs, street parties and festivals around the US Midwest and in India including Madison Children's Museum 'Adult Swim' parties, Techno Tuesdays@The Frequency, Fela Kuti launch/afrobeat party at High Noon Saloon, DJ residencies at The Fountain and Dobhan, La Fete de Marquette 2011, Middleton block party, and Spaight St. Rib Fest in Madison; and at Lodi, The Toddy Shop, TCs, Manajsa and Escape Festival in New Delhi.

The evolution in sound continues with his latest project, featuring a live collaboration with the folk-roots trio Barmer Boys. The 'Barmer Boys + DJ Spincycle' dub-meets-roots project fuses Barmer Boys' folk percussion instruments such as the morchang (Jewsharp), bhapang (plucked single string drum), dholak (double headed hand drum) and vocals with turntables, digital effects and filters to create a contemporary, cutting-edge dance-floor sound. DJ SPINCYCLE and BARMER BOYS made their international debut on their Canadian tour in July 2015 at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Harbourfront Centre in Toronto!

An active member of Madison's eclectic and vibrant arts community, Ankur is an ardent promoter of music events in the neighborhood. He founded Madison Music Review in 2007 to promote the local music scene, and in 2011 established two of Madison’s eclectic street music festivals – Musique Electronique @La Fete de Marquette and Willy St. Beats @Willy Street Fair. 2015 marks the fifth year for these all-inclusive, multi-cultural events that have featured artists such as Kid Koala, Stacey Pullen, Francois K, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Charanjit Singh, John Acquaviva, Paul Johnson, Luke Solomon, Poirier and MC Zulu and more. Ankur is a DJ at WORT 89.9FM on 'The Friday Buzz' and 'The Pan Africa Show'. He spends his time between the US and India discovering and producing music, DJ'ing and touring with artists from around the globe.

Available for festivals, club nights, special events and private parties/weddings: Typical bookings have featured 3 hour+ vinyl sets themed around genres, special events, birthdays including Blues Nights, Jazz and Rare Groove, Funk/Soul Jams and Classic Bollywood!!

Amarrass Records - New Dehli (India)

New Delhi

MaDisoN wiscoNsin

MakiNg Music sustaiNable



TOURING: July - August 2017

  • 7 March - Dexter, Odense (DK)
  • 23 March - På Taget, Odense (DK)



Barmer Boys + DJSPINCYCLE - Express (at Winnipeg Folk Festival 2015)

www.amarrass.com - A live rework of a track by KINK

Ranaji - Barmer Boys + DJSpincycle (Live at Winnipeg Folk Festival)

Ranaji - Barmer Boys + DJSpincycle (Live at Winnipeg Folk Festival), Big Blue @ Night, July 11, 2015. Amarrass Records. www.amarrass.com Barmer Boys are: Rais Khan (percussion), Manga Khan (vocals, harmonium), Tarif Khan (dholak). DJ Spincycle is Ankur Malhotra (turntable, drum machine, filters)

Padosan Le Gayi Re - Barmer Boys + DJ SPINCYCLE

Padosan Le Gayi Re (Roomal) - a folk meets techno experiment with Barmer Boys (Manga 'Mangey' Khan - vocals, harmonium; Rais Khan - khartaal; Magada Khan - dholak) and DJ Spincycle (Ankur Malhotra - turntables, mixer, Digital effects/sampler)

Allah Hoo - Barmer Boys + DJ SPINCYCLE

Allah Hoo (allah who?) - BARMER BOYS + DJ SPINCYCLE. Barmer Boys are Mangey Khan (vocals, harmonium), Rais Khan (morchang, bhapang, khartal, beatboxing), and Magada Khan (dholak); DJ SPINCYCLE is Ankur Malhotra (turntables, mixer, sampler/effects)
Recorded live at Amarrass Nights @ Lodi, March 15, 2014 in New Delhi, India. For bookings contact: amarrassrecords@gmail.com (c) 2014 Amarrass Records

Kurja - Barmer Boys + DJ SPINCYCLE

Kurja (bird) - Barmer Boys and DJ Spincycle at the terrace sessions with Amarrass Records, March 2014. www.amarrass.com Kurja is the name for a migratory bird (crane) found in the region. Barmer Boys are Manga 'Mangey' Khan

Unexpected Journey - DJ Spincycle

UNEXPECTED JOURNEY - - DJ SPINCYCLE (Ankur Malhotra) vinyl mix: Darkey's Wail (Riley Puckett) from IMAGINATION ANTHEM vol 6. on Tompkins Square Records v/s Lama Temple (Rod Modell) Promo single, Millions of Moments v/s field recording of Goa Express by DJ SPINCYCLE // audio/video: ankur malhotra

"Auto Pilot" (vinyl mini-mix) - DJ Spincycle

DJ Spincycle is Ankur Malhotra (Amarrass Records, Madison Music Review, AnEyeful.com)... a vinyl-only mini-mix. Enjoy!